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Sam's Bar

Chef's special
5 small dishes
China prawns on spear

Mini spring rolls,vegetarian

Sweet sour pork

Beef on onions with

mushrooms (in center)
Curried Chicken, Thai style
168,- kr
Beijing-Duck Menu
(1) Beijing soup (2) Beijng Duck served with thin pancakes
(3) Beijing duck meat shreds fried with vegetables (4) Deep-fried banana with ice-cream
Bestil helst i forvejen. En hel and pr.4 couveter min.2 couveter - pr.couvert:
258,- kr
(1) Seafood soup (2) Spicy fried King prawn
(3) Beef steak, Chinese style served on hot iron plate (4)Duck with leeks
(5) Ice-cream with chocolate sauce
Min.2 couverter:
288,- kr